photo diary | artwalk

On the first Wednesday of every month, the city I live in holds an event called ArtWalk. ArtWalk features dozens of artists, seeking to show and sell their work. You can find anything from jewelry to paintings, or even fire mixtapes. During these nights, the artistic community really comes together, putting aside any negativity or judgements, to simply appreciate art.


In this photo set I focus mostly on the artwork provided in the MoCA, or Museum of Contemporary Art.

This month inside the MoCA, everyone was handed wireless headphones. A live DJ on the ground floor controlled what music was heard through the headphones. This created such an abstract experience when appreciating the artwork. Rather than hearing whispers or chatter- it was just you, the art and the music.


‘1001 Dreams’, by Sheila Goloborotko. This artist runs a website in which people can submit dreams. She then prints your dreams onto pillow cases, exhibiting them in art museums and all over urban cities. You can submit a dream here at .


‘Ruby Lichen’, by Jill Parisi


Makenzie Ebert and Keany Lannuier observe a piece by Taryn McMahon.

photo diary | artwalk