photo diary | blissful beach mornings

Major shout out to my beautiful model and best friend, Lia Maree Hardy.
Thank you for being the sunrise of my life.

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photo diary | blissful beach mornings

photo diary | adventures in nyc

Prior to this trip, I sat down on my bed with a pen in one hand and my journal in the other. I wanted this trip to be unique- an adventure. I wanted to see and experience New York like I never have before. So, I did some research. I jotted down events and locations that caught my eye, and made a tiny checkbox next to each one. It was my mission to check off every single box.

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DUMBO, Brooklyn; this was my very first time visiting this part of town and let me tell you- I was utterly and completely in love. It was an artistic community filled with gorgeous buildings and lovely coffee shops. If I could pack up my things and move there tomorrow, I most definitely would.


Here is a photograph of me in a state of complete happiness, complimented by the ever-so-glorious Manhattan skyline. The photo is a bit overexposed and the shadows on my face are weird, but my smile is so genuine that I just fall in love with this photograph every time.


Turtleneck gal (me) in a subway station

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Another first: visiting Chelsea! If you ever find yourself in this part of the city, check out The High Line. (It actually runs through multiple parts of town: Lower West Side, Meatpacking District, etc). Anyway, The High Line is an abandoned railway that was eventually repurposed into an elevated public park. It’s filled with so many lovely plants and flowers and you get to walk through and above the city. HOW AMAZING IS THAT


Washington Square Park; finally got a chance to walk under the Washington Square Arc and take in the gorgeous scenery of this park. (didn’t intend to make that rhyme)


Lastly, I took a ride on the top of an incredibly touristy sightseeing bus. Whether you’ve lived in NYC or not, I highly recommend spending the money to take this tour. My parents and I learned so many interesting facts about the city, like how the Oreo was invented in Chelsea. On top of that, I got amazing photographs of the city that wouldn’t be achievable from walking around on the streets.


Overall, I managed to complete my checklist and experience one of the most incredibly unique trips to New York I’ve taken thus far. This city never fails to inspire me and keep me coming back for more. You have my heart, New York.

photo diary | adventures in nyc

hello 19!

With my birthday being the first day of August, the day always seems to pop up abruptly and surprise me. However, that didn’t stop my family from planning a weeks worth of fun and adventures.

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It started on the 31st of July with a lovely dinner party at my house. Some of my closest friends came over to eat, laugh and make memories. We didn’t take many pictures, because we were all too busy living in the moment, but I did manage to find this gem. It truly captures how full of joy I was that night. I think those are the best types of photographs- ones that capture rare moments and raw emotions. They speak for themselves.

I took the whole week off from work to relax and find my inner zen. We all deserve to find a peace of mind and make time for yourself, so I considered this a little birthday present to myself. It felt nice having time to focus on me again, doing the things that I love and the things I never get a chance to do.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetThe next thing on the birthday week list was traveling to Orlando, FL! We stayed in a hotel that was a walk away from Disney Springs (AKA the newest part of Downtown Disney). I must say, Disney really outdid themselves. I’ve always loved the atmosphere of Downtown Disney, but this new portion carries you away to another world. Sometimes I questioned if I was still in Florida.

The next day we had an early start and headed to Discovery Cove! We were greeted at the entrance by a friendly sloth. I was honestly freaking out because how often do you get to pet a sloth??Image-1.jpgWe all geared up in our wet suits and set off for a day of adventures. We snorkeled with fish, sharks and stingrays and we relaxed in lazy rivers. It was absolute bliss.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 presetHere’s the squad geared up for our SeaVenture. We put on a huge helmet/tank over our heads; they kept our faces completely dry and provided us with lots of oxygen. We walked around on the sandy floor as fish and stingrays swam above us, under us and right by our sides. DSC_0086Our last stop was Sea World! We got rained out towards the end, but still saw lots of awesome fish and rode crazy rides.

Overall, I had a lovely birthday. It was filled with so many surprises, from trying new things to spending time with the people I love dearly. Heres to 19!

hello 19!


Hello everyone! Today I decided to show you a simple DIY for one of my favorite natural hair masks. This mask consists of egg and coconut oil- two ingredients that are well known for curing damaged, thin and frizzy hair. Due to its chemical structure, coconut oil is one of the only oils that is able to reach the inner cortex of a hair follicle. Egg yolk simply helps to make hair stronger and shinier. After one use of this mask, you’re guaranteed to notice a difference!


All that you’ll need to achieve this mask is an egg, any type of natural coconut oil, a bowl, a whisk and a microwave (to melt the coconut oil).


You’ll want to start with damp hair, as I’ve found it difficult to apply the mask to dry hair.


Next you’ll want to scoop about 2-4 teaspoons of coconut oil into a bowl. I have fine, medium length hair and find myself using about two scoops. (Yes I use my hands instead of a spoon). Take your bowl filled with coconut oil and heat it up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, until the solid form of the oil has melted down to a liquid.


Once you have your liquid coconut oil, you’ll want to crack one egg into the bowl. Whatever the length of your hair may be, I would still only suggest using one egg.




After both the egg and the oil are evenly mixed up, you may want to put the mixture back in the microwave for another 15-20 seconds (sometimes I find that the cold egg yolk turns the coconut oil back into a solid). Once you have your mixture, you are ready to start applying it to your hair! This part gets so gross and messy; I would highly suggest applying this mask ONLY when you know you don’t have plans for the rest of the day. Applying it is really your call. Whatever works best to just completely soak your strands, ends and roots in the product. I use my hands and fingers to just brush it through until my hair is drenched in the mask.


After the application, I wrap my hair up into a little bun and let the product sit for 2-3 hours. You’ll notice that your hair becomes rock solid, but don’t worry. It’s completely normal.


When you’re ready to wash it out, just simply wash your hair as you would. I would suggest scrubbing more and rinsing longer to really get the product out. Since my hair is relatively fine, the coconut oil likes to stick around with me for an extra day. After day two, though, my hair is completely clean and shinier and thicker than ever.

I hope you all test this hair mask out at some point and experience all the goodness that it promises. Enjoy!!