photo diary | San Francisco (& a video)

My mother and I were very blessed to get out of the house for the weekend and experience the wonders of San Francisco. With the keys to a rental car and a list of must-see places, we were on a mission.

We started our journey with the very famous Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over it and ended up hiking up some mountains to obtain views that took our breath away. Literally.

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Amid our adventures, we stumbled upon several tiny gardens. The flowers were so vibrant it made our hearts dance with joy. My mom is featured in the photograph above feelings the grass between her toes. We were simply living.

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This is the famous Lombard Street: a one-way street in the heart of San Francisco that literally resembles the curves of a snake. Did I force my mom to drive us down it? Yes. Yes I did. She may or may not have screamed the whole time.

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The Painted Ladies- featured on the intro of Full House!


Day two: We headed to the Piers/Fisherman’s Wharf by the Bay. The sunshine was in full force and the sunflowers danced in the wind. The energy alone gave me life.


We decided to take a spur of the moment boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge. IT WAS GRAND. We saw dolphins, a humpback whale, cruised next to pelicans and took a ride around Alcatraz island.


A wonderful addition to the Piers is the happy guests who have made themselves at home. Most of them were either sleeping and sunbathing, or competing to see who was the better Alpha-male. These guys were hilarious. My mom and I took a solid 15-20 minutes to just observe them.

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Ghirardelli Square; home of the original Ghirardelli Chocolate factory. It also had cute shops and nice views- you can’t beat that.

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Baker Beach around golden hour. Charming, but absolutely freezing.

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Twin Peaks; daytime and at night. Appreciating San Fran from that high up was the best way we could’ve possibly ended our trip. We made beautiful memories together and I’m more than blessed that I was able to do so with my best friend.

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photo diary | San Francisco (& a video)

2017 Solar Eclipse

I had obtained Solar Eclipse glasses from my Astronomy professor months prior and was well prepared for this life-changing day. With a camera in my lap and adventurous minds, my dad and I set off on a journey from Florida to South Carolina. We drove and drove until finally pulling over in a tiny town. I set up my tripod, put on the glasses and waited.

The sky began to dim, frogs croaked and the crickets started chirping. It was truly as if the sun had set midday. I can’t quite explain the rush this all gave me, nor can my photos do a justice. However, just as my Astronomy professor predicted: I’M HOOKED. I hope to experience more Solar Eclipses in my lifetime- one of the beautiful gifts our universe gives to us.


2017 Solar Eclipse

photo diary | Alaska (& a video)

Our trip started with adventures in Seattle, Washington. From reaching the top of the Space Needle to getting lost in the Pikes Place Market, I was intrigued by all that Seattle has to offer.

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The very first stop in Alaska was Juneau! Never in my life have I seen such glorious mountains and waterfalls. The weather was gloomy and rather cold, but the views that I was surrounded by ultimately made up for it.

DSC_8518DSC_8616Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

We took a cable car tram to the top of Mount Roberts. Even at the end of May, snow completely covered its peak.

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The wild flowers and animals made my heart dance with happiness. Everywhere I turned there were tulips springing up from the ground and Bald Eagles soaring overhead.


Next stop: Skagway, Alaska. This was a day I had been looking forward to for months. It held a lot of firsts for me. Lifting away in a helicopter, I was speechless and in complete awe. I can’t even put this experience into words, nor do my pictures do a justice. A birds eye view of Skagway, Alaska is a visual I will simply never forget.


Upon landing on top of the glacier/mountain, we were greeted by hundreds of Husky barks and howls. These were some of the sweetest dogs I have ever met in my life.

Getting pulled on a sled.. by a pack of Huskies.. on top of a mountain.. in Alaska- IT ALL SEEMS SO SURREAL. This is easily the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced. Again, I have no words.


The next destination was Victoria, British Columbia. Blessed with warm weather and blue skies, I gained back some momentum.

This place is BEAUTIFUL. Wildflowers speckle the ground with color. Hummingbirds speed past you, drinking the nectar from these flowers. The grass is green, the mountains are massive and the weather is refreshing. Never in my life did I expect to visit here, but I’m so thankful I did.


One of the last stops before returning to Seattle was a slow cruise through the Tracy Arm Fjord. It was damp, misty and a bit eery- I WAS IN LOVE. The dark water was covered in bright blue icebergs. Every now and then you’d see a seal pop its head out to say hello. The only sounds were the humming of the ship, subtle crashing of the current and the water gushing from the massive waterfalls. The moment was eery, yet blissful.


The slow cruise through the Fjord ended once we reach the glacier. A great example to show the perspective of just how massive this was is to look at the boat in the water. This was easily a 200 ft boat. This photograph makes it look like a spec on my camera lens.


Wrapping up this post, I am feeling so thankful for everything I’ve experienced. My parents are blessings- none of this would have been possible without them. This is just another chapter of my lifelong book of adventures. I’m utterly thrilled to see what all life has in store for me.

photo diary | Alaska (& a video)

photo diary | photographing a wedding in Key West

On May 4th, 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Key West for the weekend to photograph a wedding! My best friend Jessie, her mom and soon to be husband came to me in hopes that I do my part in capturing their special moment. Humbled and absolutely floored, I accepted the offer and headed south towards the Keys. Not only was the destination gorgeous, but I got to spend time exploring this gorgeous place with one of my best friends!

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The wedding ceremony took place on a sail boat, which was a first for me! I’ve been on many boats in my life, but never a sail boat. I was in awe from our gorgeous views and just being able to feel the wind in my hair.

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Here’s a few wedding photographs.

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photo diary | photographing a wedding in Key West