photo diary | 2020 in Miami

Moving to a completely new city is one thing. But amidst a pandemic? That is a challenge I was certainly willing to take on. I moved to Miami to pursue an education at Florida International University- a degree in Digital Marketing to be exact. With hopes of meeting many new friends on campus and engaging in the social activities, my dreams were soon crushed by Covid-19. All Zoom classes and never having to leave my apartment. Luckily I moved here to start a beautiful new chapter alongside my boyfriend, Joshua Belcher. We attend FIU together and signed a lease for our first apartment together. While it’s been a lonely, strange journey, at least we have had each other through it all.

We were inspired to still make the most of our days: trying new things and soaking up all of the beauty that Miami has to offer. From beach trips, to boat rides and dinner with new friends, we are paving our way through this city and leaving our mark along the way.

photo diary | 2020 in Miami

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