photo diary | Greece

Valletta, Malta:

While it’s not apart of Greece, our journey through the Mediterranean came to a halt at this glorious island. Located between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta stands completely fortified, showcasing its Neolithic temples and some of the world’s most ancient standing buildings to date.

I loved learning about Malta’s rich history! Never in my life did I expect to travel here, but I’m so glad I got the opportunity. The Game of Thrones vibes were real.


Mykonos, Greece:

So I basically stepped out of Game of Thrones and into Mama Mia! This small, vibrant island stimulated all of my senses the moment my feet touched land. Let me start by saying that Mykonos is LOADED with cats- FRIENDLY cats. If you know me, then you know my heart was at ease. I just wanted to dance through the small alleyways and break out in song. Mykonos was an absolute dream.

Bougainvillea flowers bloom as a man coats his store with fresh paint.


My beautiful mother.


The Church of Panagia Paraportiani.

Santorini, Greece:

This island was a bucket-list item for me, so I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed it off. I would definitely like to revisit again at some point in my life and stay in one of the lovely little hotels on the island front. Santorini, for me, is just one of those places that words can’t express, nor can photos do a justice. Should no one ever hear from me again, I guarantee it’s because I moved here to start a new life… ANYWAY enjoy the photos.


Athens, Greece:

What was once the heart of Ancient Greece, is now an extremely populated, urbanized Greek capitol. I would have hoped that the history was preserved better. I was quite disappointed to see just how much the city life took over. Respectively, Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, dating back to the 11th millennium B.C. Regardless, my expectations were a bit different. Of the history that WAS preserved, it was unreal to see these monumental structures and relate it to the ancient Greek Mythology I’ve learned about all my life.

The Parthenon atop of the Acropolis; a temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena
The Goddess Athena; Patron of Athens
Random lil cafe
photo diary | Greece

One thought on “photo diary | Greece

  1. Susan says:

    Outstanding photos!! Another beautiful job, captured by your talented eye! Life always looks so different through your eyes! Simply beautiful ! Always will be your #1 fan and follower.


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