my year in film | 2018


When your life centers around photography, it is important to have a camera on you at all times. Whether it be my iPhone, DSLR or in this case a disposable camera, I have learned to appreciate the art of capturing life through many different lenses. I’m drawn to the 35mm film of disposable cameras, because the photos tend to feel more nostalgic. I enjoy the excitement of getting a roll of film developed and seeing what memories I have in store. This year I’ve gone through 4 disposable cameras; here’s a few memories from spring – winter 2018.

Scan 1
Cummer Museum; Jacksonville, FL
Scan 18
my mother & I; Jewel of the Seas
Scan 8
Kaylee; Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Scan 10
Simba on the counter; 3 am
Scan 3
Alexa & I at the driving range
Scan 5
my brother & I on my 21st birthday
Scan 7
Kendall; Domaine Chandon, Napa, CA
Scan 4
Kendall & I in the vineyards; Robert Mondavi, Napa, CA
Scan 9
San Francisco, CA
Lia Maree; indoor picnic
Scan 21
Seattle, WA
Scan 19
Antwon; Analog Coffee, WA
Scan 20
Antwon’s 85’s
Scan 16
Kendall & I; Shim Sham Room, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Scan 13
Christopher; Jersey City, NJ
Scan 14
train rides with Christopher
Scan 15
Brooklyn, NY
Scan 12
Kendall & I on Halloween
Scan 11
Christopher & I
Jacksonville, FL
my year in film | 2018

One thought on “my year in film | 2018

  1. #1 fan says:

    Absolutely love your creativity!!!!! There’s nothing more than I love, is to see what surprise developers through a roll
    Of film!!! You have creative some roll!!! Love your talent and eyes as you see the world!! You are an inspiration to so many!, including me!

    Your # 1 fan!


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