Hello everyone! Today I decided to show you a simple DIY for one of my favorite natural hair masks. This mask consists of egg and coconut oil- two ingredients that are well known for curing damaged, thin and frizzy hair. Due to its chemical structure, coconut oil is one of the only oils that is able to reach the inner cortex of a hair follicle. Egg yolk simply helps to make hair stronger and shinier. After one use of this mask, you’re guaranteed to notice a difference!


All that you’ll need to achieve this mask is an egg, any type of natural coconut oil, a bowl, a whisk and a microwave (to melt the coconut oil).


You’ll want to start with damp hair, as I’ve found it difficult to apply the mask to dry hair.


Next you’ll want to scoop about 2-4 teaspoons of coconut oil into a bowl. I have fine, medium length hair and find myself using about two scoops. (Yes I use my hands instead of a spoon). Take your bowl filled with coconut oil and heat it up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, until the solid form of the oil has melted down to a liquid.


Once you have your liquid coconut oil, you’ll want to crack one egg into the bowl. Whatever the length of your hair may be, I would still only suggest using one egg.




After both the egg and the oil are evenly mixed up, you may want to put the mixture back in the microwave for another 15-20 seconds (sometimes I find that the cold egg yolk turns the coconut oil back into a solid). Once you have your mixture, you are ready to start applying it to your hair! This part gets so gross and messy; I would highly suggest applying this mask ONLY when you know you don’t have plans for the rest of the day. Applying it is really your call. Whatever works best to just completely soak your strands, ends and roots in the product. I use my hands and fingers to just brush it through until my hair is drenched in the mask.


After the application, I wrap my hair up into a little bun and let the product sit for 2-3 hours. You’ll notice that your hair becomes rock solid, but don’t worry. It’s completely normal.


When you’re ready to wash it out, just simply wash your hair as you would. I would suggest scrubbing more and rinsing longer to really get the product out. Since my hair is relatively fine, the coconut oil likes to stick around with me for an extra day. After day two, though, my hair is completely clean and shinier and thicker than ever.

I hope you all test this hair mask out at some point and experience all the goodness that it promises. Enjoy!!


photo diary | favorite local getaways (1/5): riverside

Riverside (5 points) is a neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida located along the St. Johns river. I find myself coming here as a place to get away. Flowering with art and beauty, this part of town never fails to inspire me. Below, I featured pictures from my most visited and beloved places in Riverside. Whether it be the grand trees in Memorial Park, the dusty antiques and vintage records inside the shops, the rich smell of coffee at Bold Bean Coffee Roasters or the breathtaking views from the Cummer Art Museum- Riverside always has me coming back for more.

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photo diary | favorite local getaways (1/5): riverside

photo diary | there’s a first time for everything

This past weekend was filled with many exciting, new adventures. Something I have never done in my life is gone strawberry picking- or any kind of fruit, at that. My parents did a little research and were able to find this adorable little strawberry farm (Brown’s Farm; Hawthorne, FL) just a few hours away from where we live! We arrived and my mind was absolutely spinning from all of the beautiful colors and smells.


We were able to bring home several GIANT buckets of strawberries. I think we ended up paying around $20 for it all, which, in my opinion, is completely worth it. Store bought strawberries can cost around $4 and are picked, selected and often times gassed by someone else. These were straight off of the vine and picked with my own two hands! There was something so relieving about picking my own food- this experience has inspired me to hand pick fruits more often. Plus, it was seriously one of the funnest, most unique things I’ve done in a while.

The other adventure that I experienced for the first time, was visiting the fair! I’ve been to a few smaller fairs before, but never the annual Clay County Fair. I’ve lived in Jacksonville, Florida for quite some time now, and everyone is always incredibly surprised when they find out that I’ve never been to the fair. This year I was determined to change that. I went at night with Joshua, Jenaya and Steven and had an absolute blast. We went on every ride until our stomachs were turning. The food was also notably interesting: FRIED BUBBLEGUM. I didn’t try it, but I’m sure it’s… delicious. Anyway, I had an amazing time and 10/10 did not die on the rides.

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photo diary | there’s a first time for everything