spring break: unplugged from the world

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I’m the type of person that tends to store negative feelings inside of me in order to move on with my life. I don’t really know how to react to bad situations. Instead, I quickly turn on a fake smile and resume living. Sometimes life can become so overwhelming that ‘brushing things off’ is no longer an option. With that being said, last week I decided to take a break from every aspect of my social life and take time to focus on me.

With no phone, no one to talk to and nothing to see, I was able to dig deep inside of my brain and find strength in unfamiliar places. Every morning I struggled to stay away from my phone. Checking social media and talking to people are things that play an important role in my daily routine. Not only did I feel left out, but also forgotten about. For whatever reason, it killed me to know that I wasn’t showing off what I was doing or even where I was eating. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth. As the week went on I had many life realizations. First and foremost: we live in a generation that thrives off of showing off. I feel as though people are slowly forgetting how to live their lives without showing everyone else. While it IS a blessing to share with others and document your experience, I think everyone should have their limits. Sure, take some pictures, but then put the phone away and live in the moment. Even as a photographer I struggle to do this. So often I find myself more focused on capturing the moment rather than experiencing it.

Through living unplugged for a week, I was also able to find a sense of freedom. It was such an odd, yet inspiring feeling to live my life without documenting it. My spring break will forever remain a mystery to the world. This has inspired me to change my habits and how I go about life. While I adore taking pictures and videos and sharing my life with the world, I am definitely going to cut back. I want to take more time for myself and for this beautiful life that we only experience once. Ultimately, I realized how important your own well being is. It’s not selfish to take time for you, because at the end of the day life isn’t going to be wonderful if you don’t feel wonderful; you are your first priority.

spring break: unplugged from the world

9 thoughts on “spring break: unplugged from the world

      1. Glad to hear that, Kayla. I wish more people would heed your actions. It pains me to go into a restaurant and see an entire family gazing into their phones and have so little to say to one another. I fear for the future if people forget (or children never learn) the fine art of intellectual conversation. What will become of us?


  1. Megan Brown says:

    It’s ironic because just this morning I was just thinking about how our generation basically relies on electronics to make it through the day. I love using my phone but I was just thinking about how nice it would be to not be constantly checking the time , social media, and just sit back and take the moment it. Seeing this made it nice to know that someone else had the same thoughts and put it into action. I’m glad you got some time for yourself and keep doing what you’re doing love!!

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    1. Ahhh it warms my heart to see someone else that GETS IT! When I take a step back, I honestly laugh at how ridiculous we all can be. Uploading snapchat stories of every little thing we’re doing- then thriving off of watching what everyone else is doing. It’s very odd!! I definitely recommend taking a small break, though. You’ll be amazed at the strengths that you discover, as you disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. LOVE YOU SO MUCH


  2. I agree completely with all of this! I have an obsession with taking pictures when I am out in nature. I try to cut back on taking so many pictures and just breathe in the air around me and be in the moment like you said. I’ll admit I still end up with 27 pictures of the same tree some days. lol

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    1. As much as I want to have a tangible version of that memory, I struggle so much to stop myself and just LIVE. Don’t get me wrong- looking back on photographs is such a beautiful privilege, but so much of me wants to strive to focus more on just living. We can truly get so carried away. I’m glad that you can relate though, with our 10,000 pictures of the same tree LOL 🙂


  3. I unplug all the time. I am so busy, most times I don’t have a choice. It is a good thing. I don’t live by my phone or computer. I love the outdoors and I love working with my hands. Glad you are learning now that being unplugged is a good thing. Taking time for you is important! Be well, Koko

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    1. That’s so wonderful to hear!! I feel like everyone should give it a go, especially when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You time is SO important. If you’re not feeling 100%, then life starts to follow the same path. But thank you so much! I wish the same for you 🙂

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