a new sense of optimism


Losing a loved one has always taken a unique toll on me. While it does hurt and bring me down, it also gives me a newfound sense of optimism. Loss tends to reveal the bigger picture. It reminds me how special our lives here on Earth are and how minor our problems are. It reminds me to live each day like it’s my last, with no worries. The gift of life on Earth is so precious and I believe that we should value every minute of it. Be thankful to see the sun rise every morning, as it is the start of a new day- a new sense of hope.

Yesterday I held my great grandmothers warm hand for the last time. I talked to her about our memories together and how wonderful her time here on Earth was. While her story is coming to an end, we are all able to look back at the pages that are filled with millions and millions of memories. I could only hope the same for every one else. Live a happy life with many memories, as this story of life isn’t forever- it’s only a mere chapter of what will come next.

a new sense of optimism

5 thoughts on “a new sense of optimism

  1. Mom says:

    Losing someone we love is one the hardest feelings to cope with. The fact that you had such a beautiful last moment with her, I know means so much to you. Treasure all of those silly, and special moments that made great memories of her. She loves you very much now and always. I think of the look of her face and the way she lite up every time you were around her. It is a memory even I will never forget. All my love to my very own angel. I love you Kayla. – Mom


  2. I came here because you recently liked a picture of mine and I felt thankful; then I see this, and my eyes well up because I am so moved. You articulate artfully what I could not when it was my own time.

    In sum: beautiful words, imagery, insight and reflection. Thank you.

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    1. Thank YOU! This comment means so much to me, you have no idea. It warms my heart that we could connect through very little words- sometimes that’s all it takes. I look forward to keeping up with your photography and experiencing life through your eyes!

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      1. I’m so glad to hear that, I am glowing. Yes, it’s fabulous how people can connect now with a few typed out thoughts and then a sendoff click–and from the other side of the planet! We–all of us–are on to something good here…. Likewise; I look forward to following your blog. Best regards.


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